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One of the latest awesome additions in wurm is the Wagoner.

It allows you to semi automatically transport upto 20 large crates from A to B, provided both locations are connected through the new protected highway system.

Setting up a wagoner Camp:

A wagoner camp can be setup by a player, by purchasing a wagoner contract from a trader for 15s

The camp can then be setup at a deed, on which you have the proper permissions.

A wagoner camp needs to be setup at a waystone that has only one link (you can check this by right clicking the waystone) and will need a 2×2 flat area abover water around the waystone, in order to do so.

In order to have the wagoner move crates for you, you will need another waystone (anywhere, just not the one from the wagoner camp) where you first plant a wagoner container (activate container -> right click waystone -> plant)

Next you drag the crates you want to send into the wagoner container and right click the container to setup the contract.

The receiver will get a notification that there is a contract ready to receive (similar to imps telling you you have mail)

To accept the contract, the receiver has to go to a waystone of choice (pref. closeby) which is connected to the same protected highway system.

Righclick the waystone of choice to accept the contract and thereby determining the delivery point of the order.

Once the contract is accepted, the wagoner will ride from his camp to the pickup waystone, where the crates are and then proceed to his destination.

The time a wagoner needs to get to the destination can be roughly calculated by deviding the distance (no. of tiles) by 25. The distance you can get by planning a route to deed where the receiver is closest to,

Example: distance shown on waystone from A to B is 800 tiles: it will take the wagoner approx. 800 / 25 = 32 minutes to get there. (and 32 minutes to get back to his camp)

During this time the wagoner cannot deliver other deliveries from his camp and will be queued until the wagoner has returned to his camp.

You can also use public wagoners, either from startertowns or wagoners that have been set to public use by players who own the wagoner.

They work in the same way as descrbed above.