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Transmutation Liquids

The 7 Transmutation Liquids, used to transform a tile type into another tile type.

(Let’s get rid of those pesty unwanted tiles!…  or create those you actually want!)

The Amount of liquid needed to transmute a tile is based on: 6700 / (liquid ql)  in kgs  for On-deed tiles, off deed tiles use roughly 50% more

Example: converting a clay tile into dirt, on deed, using 50ql liquid would take: 6700/50 = 134kg of liquid, or 3 barrels

* Creation of a tundra tile takes 1,340 liters per ql. (One 5th of the usual amount.)

– All liquids are sold in a sealed small (wine) barrel (45kg of liquid)

– Prices shown are including the small (wine) barrel (mailcost: 10c per barrel is not included in the price)

Transmutation Liquids

Tranmutation LiquidsStockQualityPrice perPrice
Clay to Dirt (per small barrel)25~4110s 35c
Clay to Dirt (per small barrel)0~5010s 40c
Clay to Dirt (per small barrel)15~7910s 75c
Tar to Dirt (per small barrel)0~4110s 35c
Tar to Dirt (per small barrel)41~7510s 75c
Peat to Dirt (per small barrel)8~4710s 40c
Peat to Dirt (per small barrel)16~7610s 75c
Sand to Clay (per small barrel)19~4710s 40c
Sand to Clay (per small barrel)24~7810s 75c
Grass/Mycelium to Peat (per small barrel)9~4610s 75c
Grass/Mycelium to Peat (per small barrel)31~7511s 40c
Steppe to Tar (per small barrel)10~5010s 40c
Steppe to Tar (per small barrel)32~7810s 75c
Moss to Tundra (per small barrel)060~6510s 50c