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Transmutation Liquids

The 7 Transmutation Liquids, used to transform a tile type into another tile type.

(Let’s get rid of those pesty unwanted tiles!…  or create those you actually want!)

Updated info after some intense testing! (new formula)

The Amount of liquid needed to transmute a tile is based on: (6700 / liquid ql ) * Solids multiplier  in kgs  for On-deed tiles, off deed tiles use roughly 50% more (these numbers only apply if you are either the mayor or citizen of the deed, applying it without these roles on a deed counts as applying if off-deed)

When using the liquid QL in the formula or when applying the liquid to a tile, the code only used whole numbers, always rounded down.

So if you have 75.9QL liquid, that counts as 75QL

If you apply the liquid to the tile in smaller amounts, this same rounding might mess up your calculations. Therefore all liquids are sold in Small Amphora’s with enough to transmute the tile in one go, provided you are mayor or citizen of that deed and are applying it on-deed.

 Calculating Chart:

Transmute Solids multiplier kg needed on deed
Sand to Clay 0,5 (6700/Liquid QL)*0,5
Grass tile/Mycelium tile to Peat 0,5 (6700/Liquid QL)*0,5
Steppe to Tar 1 (6700/Liquid QL)*1
Clay to Dirt 1 (6700/Liquid QL)*1
Peat to Dirt 0,3 (6700/Liquid QL)*0,3
Tar to Dirt 1 (6700/Liquid QL)*1
Moss to Tundra* 1 (1340/Liquid QL)*1

* Creation of a tundra tile takes 1,340 liters per ql. (One 5th of the usual amount.)

Note: If you want to transmute an already transmuted tile, the amount need is halved!

– Prices shown are including the Amphora (mailcost: 10c-20c per amphora, depending on total weight is not included in the price) 

   Every amphora has enough liquid to transmute 1 tile on deed, as mayor or citizen of that deed.

Transmutation Liquids

Transmutation LiquidsStockQualityPrice perPrice
Clay to Dirt (per amphora/tile)21~6111s 25c
Tar to Dirt (per amphora/tile)4~7411s 25c
Peat to Dirt (per amphora/tile)15~6710s 75c
Sand to Clay (per amphora/tile)15~6111s 25c
Grass/Mycelium to Peat (per amphora/tile)19~6912s 0c
Steppe to Tar (per amphora/tile)12~7011s 25c
Moss to Tundra (per amphora/tile)1~9510s 30c