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Runing service

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Got low Souldepth and tired of too many attaching failures?

We offer a guaranteed flat fee runing service on all mailable items for just 60 copper!  (so no need to buy a rune, it’s an all-in price)

(for all runes except for the moonmetal ones, moonmetal runes {Adamantine, Glimmersteel and Seryll} have a flat fee of 1s12c per rune/attach attempt, due to their very high creation cost.)

Simply mail your item, renamed to your name + desired rune to: Macoofer and we rune it and cod it back for 60 copper!

If you want to use the service for non-mailable items like wagons, carts and boats the service can be used aswell, provided you bring the item to our main deed: Jellyfish Outpost