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Below a list of the available rare, supreme and fantastic items, currently for sale.
ItemStockPrice per unit
Rare Hatchet, 92QL, coc 90 woa 102, 98 WC Imbue,Bronze lib rune125s 0c
Rare Hammer , 91QL coc95 w10115s 0c
Rare Hammer , 91QL coc102 w9015s 0c
Rare Dredge, 90ql 104woa16s 0c
Rare File , 91QL coc91 w10315s 75c
Rare Trowel - Steel, 90QL coc102 w91 10% reduce dmg rune16s 50c
Rare crude knife 40ql11s 0c
Rare unfinished open fireplace101s 0c
Rare Pendulum, Gold 90QL 90 LitW13s 0c
Rare Forge finished) 03s 0c
Rare Bee Smoker 70+QL51s 25c
Rare Large Barrel, pinewood12s 0c
Rare Winebarrel Rack, pinewood12s 0c
Rare Marble Planter42s 0c
ItemStockPrice per unit
Supreme 90QL Iron Lantern17s 50c
Supreme Iron Carving knife, 94.51QL coc90 Woa93115s 0c
Supreme Marble Planter 46ql14s 0c