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Beer Stein, Bowl, Flask, Flowerpot, Jar, Measuring Jug, Pie Dish, Roasting Dish, Amphoras, Smelting pot
ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Pottery Beer Stein1430each0s 4c
Pottery Bowl030each0s 4c
Pottery Flask030each0s 4c
Pottery Jar030each0s 4c
Pottery Measuring Jug030each0s 5c
Pottery Flowerpot (empty)030each0s 5c
Pottery Planter2030each0s 5c
Pottery Roasting Dish030each0s 5c
Pottery Pie Dish030each0s 5c
Small Amphora930each0s 10c
Large Amphora930each0s 15c
Pottery Smelting Pot070each0s 40c

The hidden word for the prize is: crucible