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Potions & Ointments

Various Potions & Oinments for imbues.

Mining Potions

ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Potion of Mining095+each2s 75c
Potion of Mining090-94each2s 50c
Potion of Mining080-89each2s 25c
Potion of Mining070-79each2s 0c
Potion of Mining050-69each1s 75c

Woodcutting Potions

ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Woodcutting Potion095+each2s 75c
Woodcutting Potion090-94each2s 25c

Ointment of Stonecutting

ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Ointment of Stonecutting095+each2s 50c
Ointment of Stonecutting090-94each2s 0c
Ointment of Stonecutting080-89each1s 75c
Ointment of Stonecutting070-79each1s 50c
Ointment of Stonecutting050-69each1s 0c

Oil of the Armoursmith

ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Oil of the Armoursmith095+each1s 75c
Oil of the Armoursmith090-94each1s 50c
Oil of the Armoursmith080-89each1s 25c
Oil of the Armoursmith070-79each1s 0c
Oil of the Armoursmith050-69each0s 80c

Oil of the Weaponsmith

ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Oil of the Weaponsmith095+each1s 50c
Oil of the Weaponsmith090-94each1s 40c
Oil of the Weaponsmith080-89each1s 25c
Oil of the Weaponsmith070-79each1s 15c
Oil of the Weaponsmith010-69each1s 0c

Fletching Potions

ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Fletching Potions095+each0s 90c
Fletching Potions090-94each0s 80c
Fletching Potions080-89each0s 75c
Fletching Potions070-79each0s 70c
Fletching Potions050-69each0s 60c

Salve of Frost

ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Salve of Frost0mixeach1s 0c

Potion of Acid

ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Potion of Acid0mixeach1s 0c