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Odds and Ends

Various items that did not fall under the other main categories.


Odds & Ends
ItemInfoStockPrice per unit
Bee Smoker, 70QLGet your honey and wax fix without getting stung!90s 30c
Bouy 30~40qlMarkers at sea (also in the dark)300s 15c
Mooring AnchorMoor those boats!500s 10c
Goblin Skull CupNice decorative cup30s 20c
Tackle Box, Iron 70+QLA nice box for all your fishing goodies!230s 10c
Tin Lunchbox, 50ql with content decay reduction runeKeep your on-the-road-meals fresh even longer!161s 10c
Tortoise shield various ql rangesMostly decorative purpose shield 50s 75c
Dioptra, Bronze 70qlGo build some awesome bridges!50s 60c
Rangepole, 70qlGo build some awesome bridges!80s 20c
Sacrificial knife, Silver 70QLGo sac some mobs120s 75c