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Odds and Ends

Various items that did not fall under the other main categories.


Odds & Ends
ItemInfoStockPrice per unitDiscountDiscount Price
Bee Smoker, 70QLGet your honey and wax fix without getting stung!90s 30c20%0s 24c
Bouy 30~40qlMarkers at sea (also in the dark)300s 15c20%0s 12c
Mooring AnchorMoor those boats!500s 10c20%0s 8c
Goblin Skull CupNice decorative cup30s 20c20%0s 16c
Tackle Box, Iron 70+QLA nice box for all your fishing goodies!230s 10c20%0s 8c
Tin Lunchbox, 50ql with content decay reduction runeKeep your on-the-road-meals fresh even longer!161s 10c20%0s 88c
Tortoise shield various ql rangesMostly decorative purpose shield 50s 75c20%0s 60c
Dioptra, Bronze 70qlGo build some awesome bridges!50s 60c20%0s 48c
Rangepole, 70qlGo build some awesome bridges!80s 20c20%0s 16c
Sacrificial knife, Silver 70QLGo sac some mobs120s 75c20%0s 60c