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Honey, Juices, Oils, Alcoholic Beverages

All sorts of liquids: Honey, fruit juices, pressed oils, wine, mead and various distilled beverages.

– All liquids are sold in a sealed small (wine) barrel (45kg of liquid)

– Prices shown are including the small (wine) barrel (mailcost: 10c per barrel is not included in the price)

HoneyStockQualityPrice perPrice
Honey (per small barrel)47~70+10s 40c

Pressed Oils

OilsStockQualityPrice perPrice
Olive Oil (per small barrel)14~65+10s 40c
Olive Oil (per small barrel)12~70-8010s 50c


JuicesStockQualityPrice perPrice
Maple Sap (per small barrel)40~9010s 20c
Strawberry Juice (per small barrel)25~70+10s 20c

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic BeveragesStockQualityPrice perPrice
Mead (per small barrel0~50+10s 35c
White Wine (per small barrel)2070-7410s 50c
White Wine (per small barrel)1075-7910s 60c