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Jackal Runes

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Welcome to the Runes Shop of Jellyfish.

Choose your Deity Runes from the menu’s on the left and order ingame by contacting: Macoofer or use a private message on the forums to Macoofer.

If you have questions on what runes do exactly, how they work and which one is for what, please read the Runes info page.


COLOR Runes:  Color runes come in fixed prices, regardless of QL and are 100% random color at creation. A custom-color rune can therefore not be made.

as I would get a 1 out of 16.7million chance to create that color 😉  As with almost every rune, make sure you choose the right type for the right item:

– Crystal rune for metal items

– Stone rune for stone, pottery, leather (drake and scale) and cloth items

– Wood rune for wooden items