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Under 10QL gems and over 10ql gems.
ItemStock (Total QL)Total gemsQuality rangePrice perPrice /QLTotal QL Batch price
Gems00Under 10qlQL0s 2c0s 0c
Gems00Above 10qlQL0s 0c 25i0s 0c 0i

Gems can be bought in smaller batches then the total stock, you can simply do the math on the total price by multiplying the desired QL amount you want with the Price/QL.

Gems can be mailed but will cost the buyer 1 copper per gem. (It’s how the mailsystem works) Putting more than 1 gem in say a satchel will NOT reduce the mailcost.

Bigger orders can either be picked up at Jellyfish Outpost (Xan 8/9G) or delivered to an Outer-Coastal destination on freedom servers.