Wurm Online Related Shop for ingame goodies



Bulk goods can either be picked up from Jellyfish Outpost, delivered to your deed, or if on Xanadu, delivered by wagoner

Large crates are not included in the price.

You can either swap empty crates, or buy the crates additionally at 8c each.

Bulk food like meat (smaller in size, 1 fsb holds over 30k meat) will be delivered in a fsb if the delivery type is by boat, the fsb is included in the total price.

ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Bear Meat060~6610000s 50c
Beef Meat075~7810000s 50c
Canine Meet068~7010000s 50c
Game Meat075~7810000s 50c
Horse Meat075~7910000s 50c
Humanoid Meat068~7010000s 50c
Insect Meat068~7110000s 50c
Lamb Meat065~6810000s 50c
Pork Meat065~6910000s 50c
CheeseStockQualityPrice perPrice
Cow Cheese094~9510001s 50c
Feta Cheese (sheep)550093~9410001s 50c
Herbs & Spices
Herbs and SpicesStockQualityPrice perPrice
Basil100080~8110001s 0c
Belladonna100070~7510001s 0c
Cumin50070~7510001s 0c
Fennel Plant50070~7510001s 0c
Ginger50070~7510001s 0c
Lovage070~7510001s 0c
Mint070~7510001s 0c
Oregano070~7510001s 0c
Paprika070~7510001s 0c
Parsley50070~7510001s 0c
Rosemary070~7510001s 0c
Sage300070~7510001s 0c
Thyme150070~7510001s 0c
Turmeric25070~7510001s 0c
Salt800040~5010001s 0c
HarvestablesStockQualityPrice perPrice
Beeswax200060~6910002s 0c
Cabbage50095~9710001s 0c
Carrots095~9710001s 0c
Cucumbers095~9710001s 0c
Corn080~8510001s 0c
Garlic070~7510001s 0c
Green Grapes070~741001s 0c
Lettuce095~9710001s 0c
Oat095~9710001s 0c
Olives300065~671001s 0c
Onions070~7510001s 0c
Pea Pods095~9710001s 0c
Rice200095~9710001s 0c
Rye200095~9710001s 0c
Strawberries1500090~9410001s 0c
Sugar Beets100095~9710001s 0c
Tomatoes090~9410001s 0c