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Casted Weapons and Shields

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Beneath you will find a complete list of weapons, Shields and other combat tools, with high castings.

You can use the search Box above the table to filter what you are looking for: eg if you put Huge Axe in the main search box, it will only show allĀ 

the Huge Axes.

You can sort the columns by clicking on the little triangles in the header of the table.

How to order?

Order ingame by contacting: Macoofer or use a private message on the forums to Macoofer.

Weapons & Shields
Item MS COC WOA LT Nim Current Ql range Price Discount Discount Price
Axes MS86 C97 W89 LT91 - 1-49 4s 30c 20% 3s 44c
Axes MS91 C98 W98 LT83 - 1-49 5s 10c 20% 4s 8c
Axes MS87 C85 W92 LT95 - 1-49 4s 22c 20% 3s 37c
Huge axe - C89 W95 LT80 - 80-84 2s 32c 20% 1s 85c
Huge axe - C102 W91 LT99 - 80-84 7s 20c 20% 5s 76c
Huge axe - C98 W89 LT86 - 80-84 3s 32c 20% 2s 65c
Huge axe - C96 W93 LT91 - 80-84 3s 68c 20% 2s 94c
Huge axe - C97 W95 LT82 - 80-84 2s 97c 20% 2s 38c
Huge axe - C97 W95 LT96 - 80-84 4s 64c 20% 3s 71c
Huge axe - C96 W94 LT89 - 90 3s 82c 20% 3s 5c
Huge axe MS88 C98 W88 LT82 - 80-84 3s 96c 20% 3s 17c
Huge axe MS81 C98 W96 LT80 - 80-84 3s 78c 20% 3s 2c
Huge axe MS87 C86 W94 LT84 - 80-84 3s 24c 20% 2s 59c
Huge axe MS83 C86 W99 LT82 - 80-84 3s 53c 20% 2s 82c
Huge axe MS87 C90 W92 LT93 - 80-84 4s 32c 20% 3s 45c
Huge axe MS88 C85 W89 LT80 - 80-84 2s 78c 20% 2s 22c
Huge axe MS94 C94 W88 LT87 - 80-84 4s 39c 20% 3s 51c
Huge axe MS95 C89 W88 LT89 - 80-84 4s 47c 20% 3s 58c
Huge axe MS88 C90 W93 LT83 - 80-84 3s 46c 20% 2s 77c
Huge axe MS81 C93 W90 LT87 - 80-84 3s 27c 20% 2s 62c
Huge axe MS83 C92 W95 LT85 - 80-84 3s 36c 20% 2s 68c
Huge axe MS85 C85 W87 LT80 - 80-84 2s 30c 20% 1s 84c
Huge axe MS87 C91 W88 LT90 - 80-84 3s 93c 20% 3s 14c
Huge axe MS89 C93 W91 LT89 - 80-84 4s 20c 20% 3s 36c
Huge axe MS92 C99 W85 LT86 - 80-84 4s 68c 20% 3s 74c
Large Maul MS80 C94 W89 LT98 - 80-84 5s 22c 20% 4s 17c
Large Maul MS92 C89 W94 LT96 - 80-84 5s 39c 20% 4s 31c
Large Maul MS92 C96 W98 LT81 - 80-84 4s 76c 20% 3s 81c
Large Maul MS97 C97 W88 LT85 - 80-84 4s 90c 20% 3s 92c
Large Maul MS88 C98 W91 LT81 - 80-84 4s 7c 20% 3s 25c
Short sword steel MS93 C80 - LT83 Nim82 90 3s 19c 20% 2s 55c
Small Maul MS93 C95 W99 LT85 - 80-84 5s 19c 20% 4s 15c
Small Maul MS99 C91 W90 LT93 - 80-84 6s 37c 20% 5s 9c
Small Maul MS80 C88 W96 LT83 - 80-84 2s 98c 20% 2s 39c
Small Maul MS92 C91 W89 LT82 - 80-84 3s 57c 20% 2s 86c
Small Maul MS86 C86 W87 LT81 - 80-84 2s 57c 20% 2s 6c
Small Maul MS81 C89 W93 LT91 - 80-84 3s 66c 20% 2s 92c