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Casted Tools & Utilities

Beneath you will find a complete list of various tools, utilities, saddles, horseshoes etc, with high castings.


You can use the search Box above the table to filter what you are looking for: eg if you put Butchering knife in the main search box, it will only show all 

 the Butchering knives.


You can sort the columns by clicking on the little triangles in the header of the table.

 – All the items with only coc can be custom expanded with a woa cast

 – All the items with only woa can be custom expanded with a coc cast

 –> Click here for custom casting prices.

Need a higher QL then what the item is right now?

Here are the upgrade prices for iron: 80 ql for 20c | 90 ql for 50c| 91 ql for 80c | 92QL for 1s | 93 QL for 1,5s | 94 QL for 2s | 95 QL for 2.5s

(Ql improvement prices for steel items are 1.5x iron prices)


How to order?

Order ingame by contacting: Macoofer or use a private message on the forums to Macoofer.