Wurm Online Related Shop for ingame goodies

Bricks, Mortar, Concrete, Slabs, Shingles

Bulk goods can either be picked up from Jellyfish Outpost, delivered to your deed, or if on Xanadu, delivered by wagoner

Large crates are not included in the price.

You can either swap empty crates, or buy the crates additionally at 8c each.

Bulk goods like mortar (smaller in size, 1 bsb holds 15999 mortar) will be delivered in a bsb if the delivery type is by boat, the bsb is included in the total price.

ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Stone Bricks600020~5010002s 0c
Rounded Stone020~5010002s 0c
Sandstone Bricks600020~5010002s 0c
Marble Bricks1600020~5010002s 0c
Pottery Bricks250020~5010003s 0c
Slate Bricks400020~5010002s 0c
ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Stone Slab160020~501000s 50c
Sandstone Slab120020~501000s 50c
Slate Slab90020~501000s 50c
Marble Slab150020~501000s 50c
ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Wooden Shingles020~5010002s 0c
Slate Shingles300020~5010001s 50c
Pottery Shingles020~5010001s 50c
ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Mortar6300030~5010002s 0c
ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Concrete440030~501000s 75c