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Animal Parts

Below a selection on animal parts. For Hides and Leather go here.

Bulk goods can either be picked up from Jellyfish Outpost, delivered to your deed, or if on Xanadu, delivered by wagoner

Large crates are not included in the price.

You can either swap empty crates, or buy the crates additionally at 8c each.

Bulk Animal parts like fat and bladders (smaller in size, 1 bsb holds over 30k bladders) will be delivered in an bsb if the delivery type is by boat, the bsb is included in the total price.

ItemStockQualityPrice perPrice
Animal Fat2000050~5810000s 65c
Bladder050~5810000s 65c
Cochineal50050~5310001s 50c
Eyes1000050~5710001s 0c
Catfish Fillet020~2610000s 50c
Fur150010~4810000s 65c
Gland20020~5310001s 50c
Heart25060~6810001s 50c
Hoof200060~6510000s 75c
Horns180040~4210001s 50c
Long Horns200040~4310001s 50c
Paw250048~5110000s 85c
Tail600060~6610000s 75c
Teeth200040~4810001s 50c