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About Jellyfish and Macoofer

Jellyfish Supplies & Trade was founded early 2015, back then dealing mostly in smaller bulk orders. It moved to its current location to have better sea access and has resulted in a spectacular growth since then.

What do we do?


Pretty much everything right now:

– Bulk, Tools, Animal parts, Runes, Runing service, Storage, Furniture, Decorations, Building materials, Trade

In terms of imping and creating items below you’ll find the skillcaps.

  • Blacksmithing 99,77
  • Chain Armour Smithing 90
  • Jewelsmithing 97
  • Shield Smithing 90
  • Pottery 81
  • Leatherworking 97,86
  • Fine carpentry 91,73
  • Carpentry 97,71
  • Masonry 96,72



You can find all the Jellyfish Deeds on the Xanadu Community map here

Discord:  Macoofer #2489

Wurm Online Forums: Macoofer


Streamlabs affiliate programm:  https://streamlabs.com/slobs/d/12005371